Nova Bank
Getting Started ($NBK)
$NBK is Nova Bank's utility token, and through its holding, users are able to pay lower fees, get awesome rewards, stake, earn, and have a special seat in our social media channels.
We have decided to use Fantom Opera Network to host $NBK. We haven't taken this decision lightly, and we strongly believe that on the long-run, Fantom Opera will take its place as one of the most used smart contracts EVMs, alongside Ethereum and BSC, but with the advantages of the scalability and decentralisation it brings to the table.
You can click here to read $NBK's launch paper, and feel free to reach out in our social media channels if you have any further questions about this project.

Token Information:

  • Name: Nova Token
  • Symbol: NBK
  • Standard: ERC-20
  • Network: Fantom Opera
Last modified 30d ago
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