Nova Bank
What is Nova Bank?
We are a technology company established in 2020 to serve a changing global financial industry. Our company offer efficient ways for users to store and use their crypto assets - such as Bitcoin and Ethereum - on a faster, cheaper and more efficient way.

We believe in democracy, accessibility and effectiveness.

On an environment of de-globalisation, we have a part to play on allowing individuals and companies to do business on a global scale. Nova Bank was born from the idea of making cross-border settlements with crypto currency accessible, fast, cheap and secure. From that, we have developed a wide range of products and services that democratises these services, empowering the average person and the small businesses to do business globally.

We believe in innovation.

Our company works continuously to improve our existing range of products and services, and to create new solutions to our users. Innovation is at our core, and we endeavour to serve all of our customers with top-notch technology and seamless platforms.

A truly valuable platform.

Use the links below to get to know more about our platform and services:

The boring stuff...

Before you use our platform, it is important that you understand our terms, conditions, fees, etc. You can use the links below for that:
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